CSC Policies- Updated 3/14/18

  1. Refund Policy: All registration and tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Extenuating circumstances may apply and refunds may be granted upon review by the CSC Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Uniform/Practice Jersey/Equipment Policy:​​​ CSC players/families agree to the following:

    • Game day uniforms and optional gear: Wear the approved mandatory CSC Travel or Recreational kit and/or wear or use approved optional gear when representing CSC:

      • Equipment: Players will refrain from using equipment i.e. training vests, backpacks, balls, etc. that display an outside organization's logo other than manufacturer's logo or a CSC approved sponsor's logo while practicing or playing games on CSC provided facilities.

      • Practice/Training days: All CSC players training and or practicing on CSC provided facilities are strongly encouraged to wear CSC sanctioned practice jerseys. Players will not be permitted to display logos from outside organizations- except manufacturers logos- without express written consent of CSC. Additional training t-shirts are available at the beginning of the season at $12/shirt.

      • Required Kit & Equipment (Travel-Academy Starting Fall  2018 through the end of the Spring 2020 season):
        • Adidas Condivo 18 jersey: one black, one grey with approved club logo and name on the front and number on the back.
        • Adidas Tastiga 18 shorts w/ approved club logo on the front;
        • Adidas Copa Zone III cushion sock in black w/white stripes;
        • Warm-up:
          • Adidas Core 18 hoodie in grey w/ club logo on the front and club name and number on the back
          • Adidas Condivo 18 training pant in black w/ number on the front;
        • Equipment:
          • Adidas Stadium backback in black with embroidered number on the front
          • Ball: Adidas Nativo Competition (optional if already purchased and in good condition)
        • Uniforms and equipment are to be purchased at PJ’s Sports in Falls Church.
        • Total cost of required kit & equipment: $255 (Ball: $20 extra if needed)
      • Required Kit (Recreation- Starting Fall 2018 through the Spring 2020 season):
        • Jersey: Adidas Entrada- grey w/ approved logo and club name on the front and number on the back;
        • Shorts: Adidas Parma- black
        • Socks: Adidas Copa Zone III- black w/ white stripes
        • Uniform and kit to be purchased at PJ's Sports in Falls Church
        • Cost of Uniform: Youth: $55; Adult: $65
  3. CSC's Concussion Awareness, Prevention, and Management Policy for Parents and Players (all programs):

    • ​CSC's Concussion Awareness, Prevention, and Management Policy requires players and parents to be up-to-date on concussion awareness and prevention, and return-to-play procedures. This includes mandatory compliance according to Commonwealth of Virginia law before players 8 and older can participate in any soccer activities with CSC. The following items are required:

      • Online Concussion compliance through INOVA’s Concussion Education and Awareness program (link will be provide prior to the start of the Fall season)

      • Parents and players are required to acknowledge they have read and understand the club's return-to-play policy: Click Here

      • CSC Tryout Policy: Click Here

  4. Player/Family Financial & Participation Commitment Policy for CSC Travel Soccer Players Rostered to a CSC Legacy Travel Team: Travel soccer requires ability, commitment, and behavior that go far beyond that of a recreational soccer focus. Therefore to help establish and maintain these standards players and player's families are required to fully commit financially and make every effort to participate the entire soccer year in team activities including training sessions, games, meetings, and team and club functions. Participation and financial commitments for CSC travel teams are for one seasonal soccer year starting with acceptance to the team after tryouts in May/June through to the last game played in the following Spring season. If a player chooses to leave their team midway through the seasonal soccer year they will not be released from their team roster until their financial obligations for the entire soccer year are fulfilled to their team, to the club, and a $500 release fee is paid in full. For example, a player who is rostered to Team A from CSC plays in the Fall, but decides to switch teams and/or clubs before the spring season starts will not be released until all club registration, outstanding team fees through to the end of the seasonal soccer year are paid in full including, but not limited to: fees for planned tournaments, club training fees, and club Registration fees either outstanding or due through to the end of the seasonal soccer year. Extenuating circumstances may apply and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the CSC Board of Directors.

  5. Recruiting Policy: The Club views recruiting as a serious offense and deemed detrimental to the Club. Coaches, Club officials, team officials, and team representatives (including but not limited to parents, players, and family members shall not recruit- soliciting or encouraging players or parents to join their respective team unless given permission by the Club TD (“recruiting rule”). Any coach, Club official, team official, or team representative who are in violation of the recruiting rule at the field shall be asked to leave the field and parking lot area immediately. Recruiting rule violators shall be referred to the board of directors for review and further discipline at the board’s discretion. Depending on the egregiousness of the violation discipline may include removal from the team and expulsion from the club (“Tryout disciplinary procedure”).

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